Dura Trailers Products

About Dura Trailers

As durable quality trailer manufacturers, DURA TRAILERS are built with SABS approved components. Only A-Grade steel is used as set out for all trailer manufactures by the SABS and NATIONAL ROAD TRAFIC ACT. We may not compromise on quality, safety and durability.

DURA TRAILERS are not mass producers of trailers. Therefore the design in respect to road handling, safety and durability is of utmost importance! All our trailers are Custom built to suit our client’s specific needs, within the stipulations of the SABS and the ROAD TRAFIC ACT. To date our satisfied clientele is a testimonial of its own.

Our Pride

We at DURA TRAILERS, not only strive to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations, but take pride in manufacturing
the best DURABLE LASTING QUALITY TRAILERS. Each trailer, be it small or large is handmade.
Thereby always ensuring workmanship is guaranteed beyond expectancy.